New Moon Manifesting Workshop
Sat, 04 Dec | La Maison Rose

New Moon Manifesting Workshop

Learn the powerful practice of Manifesting to create the incredible life you truly deserve.

Time & Location

04 Dec, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm HKT
La Maison Rose, Elgin St, Central, Hong Kong

About the event

What the hell is manifesting and why should I care?

You may have heard the word 'manifesting' buzzing around social media - but you still aren't really sure what it is or how it works. 

Manifesting is about taking your hopes dreams and wishes and making them a physical reality. The reason I'm hosting this workshop? Because I've done it! I've had my mind blown by how much these simple changes have completely changed my life - from lifestyle, location, money, my job, and generally feeling more connected to something bigger than myself. 

Now I feel the NEED to pass this on. It's been a crazy few years and everyone deserves to get the most out of life. When this works for you, which it will, you can pass it on too.

I have found a beautiful intimate space for 8 amazing people to come together on this last New Moon of the year and make a little magic.

Still not sure?

This workshop is perfect for you if -

  • You feel stuck, 'unlucky', that the world can be against you or what you want feels unattainable
  • You have heard about manifesting but aren't sure how it works
  • Want to feel more optimistic, less stressed, and hopeful about your life
  • Are ready to supercharge your goals and dreams
  • Want to have a gorgeous afternoon surrounded by like-minded individuals! 

Life is meant to be enjoyed. After leaving this workshop feeling good and creating your dream life will be your number one mission!

On the Day - 

The Basics of Manifesting 

EFT Tapping Session to remove blocks

Craft your Own Affirmation Card

Each ticket is $333 - a magic number, symbolizing significant growth in a positive direction, and in Chinese culture, it symbolizes birth, great fortune, and luck! Yup, before this workshop even happens this is sending out a message of what is to come.

A few words from a manifesting convert - my amazing friend Anna who is officially now a Manifesting Queen!

"So… I’m a true optimist but wouldn’t put myself in a ‘believer’ or a ‘non-believer’ bucket. I completely understood, and resonated, with the key principles of having a visual representation of your goals, dreams and wishes, in your daily space in order to help you achieve them. (They say if you write a goal down that you are 40% more likely to achieve it!) I put out there a whole variety of things, some were cheeky little crazy ideas,  some were non-essential materialistic purchases and some were slow-burning career goals, all of which came to fruition. I would highly recommend being bold with your wants/needs/desires because at the time of writing all of these things down I thought ‘oh jeeze, this will never happen’ but BOOM! They’ll show up when you least expect it and leave you screaming, or whispering, ‘Thank you UNIVERSE!"

Are you ready?

  • Ticket To Your Dreams

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