A slightly spooky Scot hailing from the city of Glasgow currently living in the beautiful Hong Kong!

I have been reading Tarot at various stages in my life for over 13 years. I am an empathic reader.

As well as using Tarot as a tool, I sense information energetically, emotionally, and physically, to connect with your energy to offer insights and advice about the path ahead.

My life has changed amazingly in the last few years by focusing more time on Tarot and my spiritual wellbeing. I hope I can share that with you, no matter what your beliefs are.

From a young age I have always been attracted to the weird and wonderful, the mysterious. As I grew up I would pick up on feelings or 'just know' things. This naturally led me to Tarot, to help put what I was feeling into words and visuals that would resonate with other people.

My mission is to use Tarot to show people a new perspective or navigate difficult situations in a way that is right for them. I want to give people the information to make the best choices for themselves, find their own power, strength, and worth.

I feel very strongly connected with my home Scotland, I love reading about the history and the connection people once had with nature. 

I chose 'Sonas' as in Scottish Gaelic it means happiness, prosperity and good fortune. Exactly what I wish all my clients.

I hope readings with me will always feel like sitting down for a cup of tea with a close friend.