Free New Moon in Gemini Worksheet - June 2021

We are in Gemini season - and my Birthday month!

After what has been a tricky few months, 'Coming Home' felt like the perfect theme for this month. I'm finally starting to feel human and I have been inspired by the book 'Light is the New Black' by Rebecca Campbell.

What does 'coming home 'mean? It means coming home to yourself, accepting the challenges you have come through and overcome, and learning from them. It's understanding that you are still worth your own time, care and love regardless. It's about doing more that brings light and joy into yourself.

I hope you find this worksheet helpful - if you would like more in-depth reflection space, specially designed spreads and more - you can download the Full June 2021 New Moon Workbook here.

Free Gemini New Moon Worksheet June 2021

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