Free New Moon Worksheet - May 2020 Gemini

How are we back at another New Moon already?

I'm not sure how everyone else has been the last few weeks but I have been busy! There has been a lot in the air and I started to realise I have not been giving myself the time and space I need regularly! Regularly being the keyword here.

In the month following the New Moon in Gemini it's potentially going to get very busy! Gemini's represents seeing new perspectives - the two sides - they are communicating constantly, learning, and adapting. The last few months have forced us to do things differently and take a fresh approach to everyday life. It has been a lot of change!! And that isn't always the easiest to mentally process. There is also the added worry about the people in our lives and how they are coping. People have really adapted in finding new ways to communicate with each other.

Are we communicating with ourselves too? The head and the heart can wrestle with each other, especially this month.

It can be very difficult for some people to put their own needs first. You might feel selfish, unkind or feel a sense of failure when you don't feel up to task some days.

You might feel that pushing yourself and giving something rather than nothing is better...and maybe it is. But doesn't that same rule apply to yourself?

Be kind to yourself with your thoughts, your actions, your words, your time and energy.

Full Article - ''The Most Important Relationship is with Yourself"

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