Free New Moon Worksheet & New! Workbook - October

It's October - spooky season and my most favourite time of the year!

I've watched some of my favourite Halloween films, hosted a spooky quiz, began to fill my apartment with pumpkins...I would like every month to be like this one.

Why can't it be? Why can't every month have a little more fun?

This month the New Moon falls in Libra and is the perfect time to bring balance into your life - be that less pumpkins & Halloween paraphernalia or more (always more!).

We also have the special treat of two Full Moons this month! The second falling on Halloween. It's a very special month.

In addition to the usual New Moon Worksheet, I have also worked on something I am very excited to share! A new, more in-depth New Moon Workbook. The idea came to me in a lovely dream and it felt good bringing it to life.

You can download the New Moon Workbook here or use the free worksheet below.

Happy Halloween when it comes!

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