Free September New Moon Worksheet

Better late than never!

Virgo's are known for their honesty - at times their brutal honesty. But isn't it interesting that we use the phrase 'brutal honesty'.

It's been a tough year and an especially tough month. If I'm being honest.

Being honest isn't always easy, and being on the receiving side of someone's honesty isn't either, but yet we see honesty as a highly admirable trait. It can be something we actively seek out in friends or partners....but how many of us are being truly honest with those in our lives, or even ourselves?

I'm hosting a New Moon Circle tomorrow, I want it to be safe, inviting, fun, and have people leave feeling a lot more comfortable with the word honesty.

Hopefully this month we can all start being a little more honest and open, about how we feel, what we want, and even what we don't want.

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