July New Moon in Cancer - Free Worksheet

What a crazy year it has been this year!

Things were just starting to get back to normality here in Hong Kong, but now we are having a new wave of cases.

People are feeling it - big time. It's not surprising, given the impact of Covid, new laws, protests, and the things happening in the rest of the world. So many of my friends, myself included are starting to really miss home, family, and friends.

A lot of us are hanging on the edge and this New Moon phase could easily tip us over. So I chose a theme this month of "Alignment". Finding what areas of your life you are not happy with, and focusing more on the things that make your soul happy.

This could be work, family or building a strong community, volunteering, spending your money in local stores, helping the environment....be it small or big, do what you can and what calls to you.

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