New Moon In Taurus - May 2021 - Free Worksheet


It has been a while! And what a while it has been. Since I stopped posting the New Moon sheets, and from a few months before that, things were pretty tough.

In the New Year, I got unwell - which still an ongoing journey - among other things. I'm not sure I understand what hints the universe is trying to give me, and I'm not 100% sure I like them - but I'm trusting there is a reason to it all.

Rather than forcing myself to power through the tough parts, I took a break. I've tried to be patient and gentle with myself. All of my Sundays are now blocked out just for me. Do I feel completely back where I was, feeling totally on track with my Tarot, New Moon Circles, new

But today I am here and that is good enough.

I know I have not been the only one struggling, Covid on top of normal life has made it difficult for everyone and some really awful things continue to happen around the world. So I hope you can use this month's New Moon to give yourself a break, or get a big long hug, maybe walk with your bare feet in the grass....whatever makes you feel more grounded and connected with yourself, nature, and real-life (not the virtual one).

Lots of Love,



A worksheet for the May 2021 New Moon in Taurus. The theme is Comfort.
Free New Moon Worksheet - May 2021

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