Pisces New Moon Free Worksheet

This Sunday I am hosting my first ever New Moon Circle!

This year I chose The Moon tarot card as my theme for the year, so it only seems natural to do more to get in touch with the natural cycles of the moon.

I am quite an open-minded person, but sometimes even for me, things can get a little too out there. However, the moon is science. It changes the tides. So it's not the biggest leap to think it might have an effect on us.

To be honest for me, the point isn't even if it does or doesn't - it's about using the things that help you focus on your goals and achieving them that is. It's also an amazing way to create a group and start our own small community of women. I can't deny I love the idea that women's cycles have links to that beautiful moon & universe of ours.

The more I start delving into these things, seeing results for myself and feeling more connected, you can't help but get pulled in and look forward to seeing where the tide is taking me.

I hope you find this sheet useful in setting your own intentions for the moon phases ahead.

I'd love to hear if you find it helpful! I will post a more detailed post later on how Sunday goes and what we get up to.

Free February New Moon Worksheet

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