Like something a bit more unique? Choosing this option will mean based on your powerful question I will create a spread for you.  The layout, number of cards and sub-questions will be chosen to directly refect the question at hand especially for you.


What you will recieve;


  • An easily printable PDF reading via email.
  • A specially designed layout to suit your question using between 5 and 8 cards.
  • Detailed insight into each card.
  • An overview of the story the cards are telling.
  • Reflection and summary of the cards in relation to your powerful question.
  • A photo of your reading to allow you to make your own personal connections with the cards and imagery.


Once you have checked out you will be contacted directly within 3 days for more information on your situation and to help you choose a powerful question for your reading - so make sure you provide an email.


If you do not receieve an email within 3 days please check your spam folder.

Custom Spread 5-8 Cards Email Reading